See why UK Gritting is considered a solid and reliable contractor

Weather Forecasting

To be the very best in what we do, we invest heavily in the most advanced weather forecasting technology from The Met Office. It's the most innovative and accurate weather forecasting service, enabling us to get all the weather information required to ensure the safety of our clients. We work very closely with the Met Office to create a bespoke platform to ensure we have the right weather forecasting solutions to meet our client's individual needs. Our staff is trained by the Met Office to accurately interpret the forecasts in order to ensure the correct applications at the right time making sure that our methodology is correct for the environment, is cost effective and keeps our clients sites safe.

Customer Focused Technology

UK Gritting has a tailor made scheduling software and application for all operatives which not only gives us the ability to provide a seamless service to our clients, but also allows our customers to access information at any time that will help to ensure they are protected as a business.

Our software allows us to:

  • Access work orders and customer information via a smartphone app, as well as update work orders on the move, so if you have any changes or additional site requests we can update our operatives on the move so your requests aren’t delayed and fulfilled as soon as possible
  • Get turn by turn driving directions enabling us to get to your site as quickly as possible avoiding any routes that might delay us reaching you.
  • Track job location, log arrival and departure times, as well as capture before and after pictures on site and a site representatives signature. This in turn means we can provide you visual proof that the site was gritted or cleared to the correct health and safety standards, helping to protect you as a business, and any possible costly claims that might be made against you.


UK Gritting continually invests in new vehicles and snow clearing and gritting machinery, making sure we are efficient and meet CO2 standards.

This also means all our vehicles and snow plows are LEZ compliant

Our 4×4 gritting vehicles are equipped with the latest SnowEX gritters and BOSS snow ploughs, one of the leading manufacturers of gritting and snow removal equipment. By working with BOSS, we know we have long term durability, peace of mind and the best quality.

Their dual trip design gives us enhanced plough protection when hitting hidden obstacles under the snow such as manholes and road curbs, significantly reducing the force of impact on roads or driveways preventing any unwanted damage.

Simple Setup Process

We have a very simple but tailored and thorough sign up process:

Step 1 – Call UK Gritting and we will come out to do a FREE Risk Assessment Survey

Step 2 – Following this we will provide you with a detailed quote along with a Winter Risk Strategy Plan tailored to your business, along with your risk assessment report

Step 3 – Sign up to a service plan and beat the winter

Step 4 – Your site is fully covered and UK Gritting will cover everything from forecasting the winter weather to ensuring your business is fully functional and protected

Protecting your business

Why do I need to protect my business during the cold winter months?

  • Saves on the cost and time of any expensive claims made against your business, eliminating the level of risk by joining our gritting programme
  • So that you can continue to operate as usual preventing losing any business by temporarily closing the Company. The insurance group RSA estimates that the problems last winter cost the economy about £470m a day, based on the massive travel disruption
  • By preventing yourself against claims it also avoids a poor reputation amongst the business or staff injuries